A boost for your back: the new backpack system for tool cases

B&W International allows tradesmen, technicians and installers to keep their hands free.
The experts in tool cases have developed a system, which can be attached in just a few easy steps to tough.cases, the tool cases for the real tough boys. And so B&W International not only provides relief for many tradesmen’s backs, it also helps to improve work routines and time management.

The average tradesman carries his tool case around for 54 minutes a day. From car to customer, from one room to the next and back again. The load of the tool case, which weighs an average of between 20 and 25 kg, is almost always carried on just one side. So it’s no wonder that musculoskeletal disorders are the most frequent cause of time off work in Germany.

B&W International, a manufacturer of high-quality tool cases, including for use in extreme situations, has come up with a solution. With the new robust and weatherproof backpack system for tough.cases, tool case owners will in future not only be able to take the load off their backs, but also save a considerable amount of time: people who carry their cases on their backs can move around more quickly and don’t have to move back and forth as much, since they have their hands free to carry additional tools. The distribution of weight across both shoulders puts less strain on the muscles when transporting heavy cases. Differences in height and uneven ground are considerably easier to deal with when carrying weight on your back than when you have a case in your hand.

Attaching the backpack system to the tough.case takes just 10 to 15 minutes. All you need is a drill to drill holes in the sides of the case using the drilling template provided and a screwdriver to insert four screws. The backpack system can then be attached to the case using snap fits. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to take the backpack system off again to open the case. If necessary, it can however be removed quickly and easily.

Tradesmen, technicians and installers can now easily carry loads of up to 25 kg on their backs. For optimum comfort, the backpack system can be individually adjusted: the shoulder, chest and hip straps are length-adjustable, with the hip straps and back panel also featuring ergonomic padding. A handle between the shoulder straps makes it possible to carry the case with the backpack system just like you would a backpack.

A very special highlight is the two flexible, length-adjustable support loops on top of the backpack system. These mean that the owner of the case can securely attach bulky items such as spirit levels to the case and carry them on their back instead of in their hands.

According to Bertram Schmitz, Sales Director at B&W International, “the backpack system has already enjoyed long-term success with our outdoor.cases. Our customers like to be able to carry their cases easily, whilst protecting their backs and keeping their hands free. This can sometimes open up completely new opportunities! That’s why we decided to adapt the backpack system to suit our tool cases. It received a great deal of interest at the hardware trade fair at the beginning of March.” The backpack system for the tough.cases models Jet 5000 and Jet 6000 is due to be launched during the first quarter of 2017 and will be available online and from specialist shops.

About B&W International

The case manufacturer B&W International, based in Ibbenbüren in Germany, has been setting standards in terms of innovation and quality in the production of outdoor cases for more than 25 years. Customised production in small quantities covers the professional requirements of tradesmen from all kinds of different fields. State-of-the-art production facilities ensure optimum production flows and in-house production and the option of dealing with individual customer requests quickly and cost-effectively. The company was one of the first special case manufacturers to achieve ISO certification. 42 people work at the Ibbenbüren site in production, management and logistics. B&W International has a total of approximately 90 employees worldwide, with its own subsidiaries in Spain, Great Britain, China and the USA. Our products are sold by our sales partners worldwide.