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With this practical accessory, you have your important documents quickly at hand and the contents of the case are still well protected by the attached foam. All features at a glance Available for type 1000 till 7800 Lid pocket fixation...
This comfortable shoulder strap makes carrying the case easier. The shoulder strap is adjustable in length, padded and adapts perfectly to your shoulder. All features at a glance Available in three different sizes: CS/500 for...
The B&W backpack system: the ideal addition for convenient carrying of outdoor.cases On the go in the world, off the beaten path, among the wildlife, down in valleys and up on mountains. Often, the best photo opportunity comes suddenly...
The mounting frame offers a simple solution for the installation of e.g. electronic control panels. The frame is installed in the case and thus enables the fast and safe use of technology. The sealing ring provided seals the installation...
The aluminum panel frame offers a stable and robust solution for the installation of e.g. electronic switchboards. The frame is riveted in the case and sealed by means of a sealing ring, so that the case remains waterproof. In this way...
Bag2zero is a reusable freezer pack for a variety of applications. The bag2zero FP-0 cold pack maintains temperatures around freezing point for up to 72 hours in an insulated environment. This makes it significantly more powerful than...
B&W International GmbH from Ibbenbüren is a manufacturer of special cases and bags developed in Germany with high demands on functionality and design. In cooperation with our American partner company, which has a long-standing reputation...