PRO 500

Mobile power supply

Product Number: 05.230V/O

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  • mobile Stromversorgung
  • entwickelt für Extrembedingungen
  • langlebig & robust PRO 500 - mobile power for extreme conditions PRO 500

connector systems

type and position of power outputs freely selectable

connector systems

calibratable output voltage

voltages between 5 and 48 volts DC freely selectable

calibratable output voltage

for extreme outdoor applications

stable, temperature-resistant & splash-proof

for extreme outdoor applications

comfortable control panel

selectable as inner or outer control panel

comfortable control panel

The B&W PRO500 offers energy solutions for the professional area.

B&W energy.cases are waterproof, shockproof and vibration-proof. The rugged design allows use even in the most difficult conditions.

The durable and safe lithium iron phosphate batteries are fully operational even in demanding temperatures. They are available with capacities of 500 and 1500 watt-hours.

The flexible charging options through solar, mains, car and truck make handling particularly easy. In addition, the devices are equipped with an MPPT (maximum power point tracking) system. This maximizes the solar yield when using solar cells.


All data at a glance:

  • Battery capacity: 1500 Wh
  • Voltage output 1: 230 V/50 Hz (on request 110 V/60 Hz) 
  • Continuous power output 1: 300 W (on request 500 W)
  • Voltage output 2: 24 V DC (factory-set from 5 V to 48 V)
  • Continuous power output 2: 300 W
  • Sine wave: pure sine wave
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery: operation from -20°C to +45°C (Charging possible from 0°C)
  • Dimensions: 475 x 365 x 192 mm
  • Weight: 12.9 kg
  • Tightness: IP54 (IP66 on request)
  • Charge sources: AC adapter, 12 V solar cell, 12 V car or 24 V truck
  • Charge control: MPPT (maximize solar power)
  • Parallel operation: permanently possible (charging and discharging simultaneously)


Output voltage

Each has a 230V AC and a 24V DC output. The 24V voltage is fully stabilized. This allows adjustments to voltages between 5V and 48V.

Power control 

The waterproof and shatterproof membrane keypad provides information on the most important operating parameters and has a power-on lock for transport.

Connector systems

In addition to B&W's standard configuration, customer-specific connectors can be installed. Customization is possible from a quantity of one. 

Charging options

Charging is done by a 230 V charger at the cigarette lighter. At the 24 V connection of a truck or by the foldable solar cell. The vehicle battery is not overloaded. 


Qualität made in Germany

In Deutschland entwickelt, hergestellt und programmiert erfüllen die energy.cases höchste Qualitätsansprüche. Extrem robust arbeiten sie geräuschlos und vibrationsfrei. Die energy.cases können mit einem Netzteil, einem KFZ-Ladekabel oder einer Solarzelle geladen werden und sind für den stationären Dauerbetrieb genauso geeignet wie für wechselnde mobile Anwendungen. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf


Dank unserer Erfahrung und Kooperation mit qualifizierten Partnern sowie zahlreicher, standardisierter Bauteile können wir schnell und kosteneffizient nahezu jedes Projekt realisieren und ein individuelles für Sie herstellen. 

extremely robust
telescopic handle
Voltage 110V 60HZ
Battery capacity 500 Wh
Spannung Ausgang 1=230 V - 50 Hz
Spannung 5 V - 48 V DC

A (A1): 18.5 inch / 470mm

B: 14.37 inch / 365mm

C: 7.48 inch / 190mm

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