B&W tool.case LS-BOXX 306

smart tool box

Product Number: 118.01

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  • durable & robust
  • individual tool boards
  • patented divider system

Our tool.case LS-BOXX 306: the smart tool box

B&W tool.case LS-BOXX 306

Case shells made of ABS plastic

Rugged material that can stand up to almost anything

Case shells made of ABS plastic

With handles on lid and front

For variable carrying options

With handles on lid and front

Modular click-in system

Multiple L-BOXXes can be connected practically

Modular click-in system

Sortimo LS-BOXX

Seamless integration in vehicles with Sortimo equipment

Sortimo LS-BOXX

The smart storage expert

Made of ABS thermoplastic resin, our LS-BOXX 306 can stand up to practically anything. The shells are strong, impact-resistant, and even scratchproof. Valuable contents are well protected even from moisture. The modular click-in system is a special feature of the LS-BOXX 306: The system allows multiple L-BOXXes to be connected and stacked together. For secure transport and quick access at all times, the Sortimo tool box can be firmly attached to vehicles with Sortimo vehicle equipment.

All features at a glance

  • Rugged shell made of ABS plastic
  • Sortimo LS-BOXX
  • Splashproof
  • With lid and front handles
  • With modular click-in system
  • Inner dimensions: 400 x 100 + 50 + 50 x 310 mm | 15.7 x 3.9 + 2 + 2 x 12.2 inch
  • Volume: 24,8 L
  • Weight: 5,8 kg | 12,8 Ib
  • Color: black

Innovative: the Sortimo organization system

The day-to-day work of craftsmen requires a lot of strength and endurance. To make this work easier and even more efficient, the Sortimo organization system was developed for vehicles, tool cases, and tool boxes. This special Sortimo system allows our tool.case LS-BOXX 306 to be integrated quickly and easily into vehicles with compatible Sortimo vehicle equipment. For secure transport, quick access, and more efficient working.

Numerous functions and storage options

Our LS-BOXX 306 offers numerous ways to store tools: The lid board has 10 pockets and loops; the bottom board inside the tool box is two-sided, with a total of 22 pockets and can be turned 180° when needed. The bottom board and lid board can be attached together with Velcro. Two practical drawers offer additional space for important tools and other materials.

With clever connection system

The modular click-in system allows two or more L-BOXXes to be easily and securely connected as needed. Our L-BOXX 136, for example, can conveniently be attached to the top of the LS-BOXX 306 for additional storage and transported. The LS-BOXX 306 also comes with a handle on the lid and on the front for variable car

The shown tools are not included in the delivery.

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