ENERGY.CASE – Energy wherever it is needed

B&W International’s outdoor cases are designed for use in the harshest conditions. In addition to transporting sensitive equipment such as drones and cameras, the company now also offers a portable power generator.

The delivers fast energy wherever it is needed and is therefore perfectly suited for use in disaster control. Even outdoor craftsmen benefit from the power generator, because the delivers clean electricity and is completely silent, maintenance-free and CO2-neutral.

With a battery capacity of 1,200 Wh, tools and electronic devices can be operated for several hours, depending on their capacity. The is easy to transport and thus enables a simple, independent energy supply. It is charged either before use at the socket or during use by means of solar cells. The charging time is 3-6 hours. The is waterproof to IP66 and therefore suitable for any environment.

The portable power generator is operated via a comfortable display with touchscreen function, on which you can find all important values such as battery level and charging time at a glance.