Hands-free with the backpack system

New backpack system for the tough.cases of B&W international available.

Craftsmen, fitters and installers have a lot to haul: an average of 54 minutes a day, a craftsman drags his tool case. From the car to the customer, from one room to the next and back again. The one-sided load of a 20 – 25 kg tool case can lead to musculoskeletal disorders in the long term.

That’s why B&W International has developed a new solution for its tough.cases: With the new rugged and weatherproof backpack system, craftsmen can not only relieve their backs, they also have both hands free during transport.

The one-time installation of the backpack system to the tough.case takes only 10 – 15 minutes. To do this, you only need to drill holes into the side ribs of the case using an enclosed drill template, as well as a screwdriver for fixing four screws. The backpack system is then attached to the case by a snap hook. The advantage: To open the suitcase you do not have to remove the backpack system again. If necessary, it can still be removed quickly and easily.

The craftsman, fitter or installer can now carry up to 25 kg of load comfortably on his back. For optimal comfort, the backpack system can be individually adjusted: the shoulder, chest and straps are adjustable in length, the latter are also ergonomically padded as well as the back bed. A handle between the shoulder straps makes it possible to carry the suitcase with the backpack system as well as a backpack.

The backpack system is now available.

tool case tough.case Jet with backpack