Hard shell, tidy interior: Efficient work thanks to an orderly tool case

Tool cases are an essential piece of equipment for all DIY enthusiasts and professional tradesmen. When working out in the field, they are probably even the most important, yet searching for a special tool in the case can often be frustrating and time-consuming.

Data from real-time measurements recorded during a maintenance technician’s normal working day proves that taking tools out of the case and sorting them out takes a considerable amount of time. Based on an average of 24 times that tools are removed from the case during the day, approximately 5 minutes is spent looking for tools that are thought to be lost. That adds up to 25 minutes spent looking for tools per week. Sorting out the tools in his case also took up 25 minutes of the technician’s valuable working time in a week. If you add these figures up over the entire year, that makes 2,400 minutes of lost time. This corresponds to more than a whole working week per year. That’s why keeping the inside of the case tidy and well-ordered should be given top priority. An orderly case makes it possible to swap tools more quickly when working and save time when preparing the work to be done.

With the help of various case inserts, German tool case specialist B&W International offers practical solutions for keeping tool cases in order. The case inserts are based on various arrangement systems and therefore always suit the tradesman’s requirements. If attention is also paid to additional tips for storing tools, these can be taken care of and their useful service life extended.

Removable tool panels provide the first type of arrangement inside the case. These case inserts feature pocket compartments, elasticated loops or module boards. Attached to the front and back of the tool panels, they allow the inside of the case to be arranged in an orderly fashion. Above all, they ensure that no time is wasted looking for small tools. Allen keys, spanners, pliers, folding rulers and small hammers, for example, can be stored in the pockets, loops and module boards.

The aluminium separator system allows the case to be divided according to individual requirements and can be installed in addition to the tool panels. Using a standard metal saw, the separators can be individually adjusted to the interior of the case and, once they have been processed accordingly, inserted in the special holders in the tool case using the end and middle caps provided. The advantage is that the dimensionally stable aluminium ensures stability and order inside the tool case, even when transporting heavy tools. This system makes it easy to get a clear overview of medium-sized tools in the case. Hammers and spirit levels, for example, are safely stored away and easy to find again at a glance.

So there is always a space for small and medium-sized tools inside the case. But what about larger and particularly sensitive equipment such as battery-powered screwdrivers and measuring instruments? B&W International has the perfect solution for these: individually adjustable foam outline sections in the tough.cases ensure that there is also a safe place to store even the more sensitive equipment. Tough.cases are tool cases for “the real tough boys”. They bring the robust qualities of outdoor cases into the world of tradesmen. The foam insert is pre-cut to ensure that the outline of the tool to be stored is separated so that each tool and each sensitive measuring device sits perfectly inside the case.

Tradesmen need more than just the standard set of tools when they are working out in the field. Documents are also part of the normal working day. Some tool cases, such as the “go” model from B&W for example, have a special compartment for keeping important papers together. The division between tools and documents also ensures that dirt from the tools cannot get onto the papers.

Finally, a built-in gas spring or lid holder will ensure that the case doesn’t keep shutting. If one of these two functions is integrated in the tool case, the case will only close when pressure is deliberately applied. Why does this technology help tradesmen keep their cases tidy? By keeping the case open all the time, tools can easily be put back in their place. Gas springs and lid holders also make the work process easier as the case doesn’t have to be opened each time you want to have a quick look inside.

Now there is just the right space for tools of all types and sizes in the tool case. And to ensure that the tools have a long service life, it is essential that they are stored correctly. Special tools need special care in storage. Tools with sharp cutting edges, for example, are best kept in place in the tool case using the elasticated loops or pocket compartments. Otherwise they would be blunted by rubbing against other tools.

In summary:

Tidy tool cases add value to everyday working life. Case inserts such as those available from B&W International help to ensure a clear overview of the contents. From small Allen keys to battery-powered screwdrivers, everything has the ideal, safe place inside the case. If the right inserts and functions are used, it is possible to save more than 2,400 minutes per year and increase efficiency considerably.

About B&W International

The case manufacturer B&W International, based in Ibbenbüren in Germany, has been setting standards in terms of innovation and quality in the production of tool cases and bags for more than 25 years. Customised production in small quantities covers the professional requirements of tradesmen from all kinds of different fields. State-of-the-art production facilities ensure optimum production flows and in-house production and the option of dealing with individual customer requests quickly and cost-effectively. The company was one of the first special case manufacturers to achieve ISO certification. 42 people work at the Ibbenbüren site in production, management and logistics. B&W International has a total of approximately 90 employees worldwide, with its own subsidiaries in Spain, Great Britain, China and the USA. Our products are sold by our sales partners worldwide.