Ice pack with up to 72 hours service life – the new “Bag2Zero” is revolutionising mobile cooling systems for fishing trips

Your next fishing weekend is coming up. The camper van is loaded up with waterproof gear, a tent and fishing equipment. Everything you need for a successful weekend’s fishing. But how will you store the fish you’re going to catch? It will need to stay fresh until you get home. This is where the new Bag2Zero comes in. Bag2Zero is an ice pack, which guarantees refrigeration down to -16°C in an insulated environment for a period of up to 72 hours. The freezer packs are non-toxic, easy to clean and come in a variety of sizes to fit in any transport box. A convenient way of allowing you to enjoy the catch of the day even after the end of your fishing weekend.

Bag2Zero is a robust, easy to transport and environmentally-friendly ice pack, which can be reused for up to five years. B&W International offers freezer packs in three cold categories. The zero grade version can be charged in 24 hours in a standard freezer. The same applies to the Bag2Zero which keeps things cold down to -7°C. The -16°C version is ready for use after being stored in a special cold storage environment of -20°C or below for 48 hours.

Bag2Zero is available in two different sizes, weighing 1.1 kg and 2.3 kg, so cooling systems can be organised to suit individual requirements. An intelligent transport solution, which constantly monitors the temperature during transport, means that any interruption in the process chain can be identified immediately. Bag2Zero freezer packs from B&W International are available from specialist dealers and directly from our website from a unit price of EUR 19.90 including VAT (smallest 0°C version).

Technical data

Dimensions and weight:
Size M: 24cm x 18.3cm x 3.5cm, 1.1kg
Size L: 31.5cm x 24.2cm x 4.3cm, 2.3kg

Charge time:
0°C version: 24 hours at -18°C to -20°C
-7°C version: 24 hours at -18°C to -20°C
-16°C version: 48 hours at -20°C or colder

Service life: 5 years

Warranty: 2 years