What professional cyclists who travel the world, like Duncan Shaw, can rely on: cases and bags by B&W International

From Glasgow, Sydney and Amsterdam to California – as a street trial professional, travelling with the bike is part of Duncan Shaw’s day-to-day work. Now, if you are wondering what “street trials” are: here, bike artists make everyday residential areas into their obstacle courses, jump over stair railings or leap from roof to roof with their bikes as though they could defy the laws of gravity. The popular stunt videos on YouTube speak for themselves. Street trials are breathtaking just to watch, and show that the riders must be able to rely 100 percent on their bikes. They must also be able to rely on the cases of their bikes during flights or during transportation by train. Protecting the bikes at the same time means protecting the cyclists and making sure they have a feeling of safety.

For this, Duncan Shaw relies on the cases and bags of B&W International. The specialist case manufacturer from Germany has equipped the 30-year-old Scotsman with a total of five cases and bags, which protect his bikes and other high-quality equipment during transportation around the entire globe. “I am delighted by the B&W International cases and bags,” says Duncan Shaw. “They not only serve their purpose of transporting my equipment safely, they are also dead easy to handle. I don’t think I have ever had such a light box as the bike.box II.” In addition to the safe transportation of his bikes, the protection of his camera equipment and his tools is essential for the professional cyclist. It is practical that B&W International not only has bike cases in its range, but has also equipped Duncan Shaw with outdoor.cases and a tool.case. Thanks to the protected GoPro camera in the outdoor.case 3000, for example, the professional cyclist can film daredevil routes from his own perspective and share them with his fans at first hand.

“The product range of B&W International covers all the needs of a travelling street trial cyclist,” says Duncan Shaw. “For anyone who is looking for high-quality cases to transport his equipment reliably and easily, B&W International is the right address. I can recommend the cases and bags to any colleague.”

Duncan Shaw will be testing the security and functionality of his cases to the limit during video shoots in the next few months, and will then present the clips on his YouTube channel. B&W International is looking forward to seeing the results.


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