TSA Info: Bicycle transport on the plane

We at B&W International care about the items you trust to be protected in our cases.

We understand the need for security as our customers travel around the world. We want to insure that your products and your case arrive at your destination in the condition they departed. Special requirements apply to air travel to the United States. We have contacted the U.S. Department of Homeland Security – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to determine the best method for insuring checked luggage and the contents therein maintain their integrity while going through the TSA Security Screening.

All checked baggage must be screened—the method of screening varies by airport.

Many airports have automated in-line baggage screening systems where your checked baggage is placed on a conveyor belt behind the ticket counter. It is then screened and cleared remotely, outside of public view. This will pose a risk as TSA is not responsible for repackaging and closing the case with the same care that we, or our customers would have. It is TSA recommended that you contact the Airline Check in Counter and request a TSA Agent to stay with the baggage. You may do this ahead of time,
or at the time of check in.

At other airports, you may ask – or be asked – to walk your checked baggage to a nearby screening area. At these airports, you may inform the Transportation Security Officer that you will remain available with the key or combination until your checked baggage is screened and cleared.

Unfortunately TSA does not have a listing of airports that offer the option to remain available. TSA recommends to call ahead of your trip to determine if this option is available.

For travel tips and information about TSA screening procedures and prohibited and permitted items, please visit www.tsa.gov/travel.